College Based Academic Fees

The College Based Academic Fee (CBF) is a mandatory fee, approved by a vote of the students, that is one portion of the overall registration costs each student pays to enroll at Cal Poly.

Uses of College Based Fees during AY 2018 - 2019:

Objective: Strengthen academic quality, expand access to major classes and otherwise facilitate progress to degree

Sections added in the following courses using CBF Funds:


ARCE 211- Structures I

ARCE 212 – Structures II

ARCE 223 – Mechanics of Structural Members

ARCE 224 – Mechanics of Structural Members Laboratory

ARCE 303 – Steel Design I

ARCE 305 – Masonry Design

ARCE 372 – Steel Structures Design Laboratory

ARCE 400 – Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates

ARCE 451 – Timber and Masonry Structures Design and Constructability Laboratory

ARCE 453 – Interdisciplinary Senior Project

ARCE 598 – Structural Engineering Design Project

ARCH 131- Design and Visual Communication 1.1

ARCH 251-Architectural Design 2.1

ARCH 253 Architectural Design 2.3

ARCH 307 – Environmental Control Systems 2

ARCH 326- Native American Architecture and Place

ARCH 341 – Architectural Practice 3.1

ARCH 342 – Architectural Practice 3.2

ARCH 351 – Architectural Design 3.1

ARCH 352 – Architectural Design 3.2

ARCH 353 – Architectural Design 3.3

ARCH 452 – Architectural Design 4.2

ARCH 461 - Advanced Computer-Aided Fabrication in Architecture

ARCH 462-Topics in Architectural Practice

ARCH 481 – Senior Architectural Design Project

ARCH 492- Senior Design Thesis

ARCH 551 – Architectural Design

CM 102- Introduction to Construction Management

CM 115 – Fundamentals of Construction Management

CM 334 – Construction Law

CM 400 – Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates

CM 415 – Integrated Project Delivery     

CM 450- Integrated Project, Design, and Program Management

CM 462 – Senior Project II

CRP 314- Planning Theory

CRP 336 – Introduction to Environmental Planning

CRP 400 – Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates

CRP 409-Planning Internship

CRP 410- Community Planning Laboratory I

CRP 411- Community Planning Lab II

CRP 440 – Climate Action Planning

CRP 461 – Senior Project I

CRP 462 – Senior Project II

CRP 500- Individual Study

CRP 504 – Sustainable Communities

CRP 510- Planning Theory

CRP 513- Planning Research and Analysis

CRP 596 – Professional Project

CRP 599- Thesis

EDES 123 – Principles of Environmental Design

EDES 123 – Principles of Environmental Design

ES 326- Native American Architecture and Place

LA 202 – Design Fundamentals I

LA 203- Design Fundamentals II

LA 211- History of Landscape architecture: Ancient Civilizations

LA 212- History of Modern and Contemporary Landscape Architecture

LA 400 – Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates

LA 404- Cultural Environments Design Focus Studio

LA 405 – Project Design and Implementation Focus Studio

LA 461 – Senior Design Project Focus Studio

LA 470- Selected Advanced Topics


Objective: Promote student development and enhance educational quality and experience for students:

  • Student assistants’ salaries and benefits
  • Printing supplies for free printing
  • Partial funding of administrative support and computer technician positions

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